About Us


Experience, Quality and Best Service!

SMarTsol was established in 2012 as a company to provide the best services and products to the High Technology Industry, including Electronic Assembly Industry, Automotive Industry, Green Technologies Market and others.

Founded by Mexican Investors, with the objective to exceed customer expectations with the best in class products and services .

Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team has at least 20 years of experienced on the Industry, focused always to provide the best solutions for a challenger world.

      •  Ivan Romo
      •  Jaime Perez
      • Juan Luis Tarin
      • Leopoldo Valdez
      • Jeovane Leal
      • Felipe Lopez
      • Edgar Rios
      • Luis Cazares
      • Rodolfo Lopez
      • Rene Romero
      • Sergio Reyes
      • Abel Loera
      • Victor Escobedo
      • Zoe Anguiano
      • Jessica Velasco
      • Paulina Oliden