Elite Automation

Cost effective Routers

Laser Solutions

Marking, Cutting, Welding, Engraving.



Handling Equipment for SMT, BE and Automation

Technical Devices

Wave Solders, PCBA Cleaners, Stencil Washing Machines.


Thermal Press

Heat Staking

Heat Sealing


AOI & X-Ray Solutions

you can count on


Solder Products, Paste, Bar, Wire, Flux, etc.

New technologies

Optimization of the natural resources......

The Era of Optimization

looking for process differentiators ...

Welcome to SmartSol Technologies

We represent and distribute only premier equipment lines and consumables for the High Technology Industry in Mexico

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Electronic Assembly Industry

Electronic’s Assembly is a mature industry in Mexico, the first companies were installed on the 70’s decade, migrating from wired circuits to complex PCBA’s and products for critical operations.

We are proud to be part of the transition of the Industry in Mexico, helping our customer to have high efficiency production lines.

Growing Industries in Mexico

Automotive is one of the most growing industries in Mexico, as result of new car assembly facilities there are a lot of part supplier companies recently installed or in process to be installed in Mexico. We provide solutions for these industries.